seed sowing instructions in hindi
seed sowing instructions in hindi

3 Different Color Turnip Seeds Combo Pack

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Turnip is the most popular root vegetable in India. There are different colorful varieties of turnip, in which turnip purple top, turnip golden yellow, turnip red, and turnip white are the most famous varieties of turnip. It is mainly a cool season crop; however, it can tolerate high temperatures. Turnips are very easy to grow in containers or pots;

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Turnip Seeds - 1 packet of 200 Seeds
Turnip Golden Yellow Seeds - 1 packet of 200 Seeds
Turnip White Seeds - 1 packet of 100 Seeds

What size grow bag is best for Turnip?

Best Way To Sow Turnip Seeds

Turnip is rich in vitamin C and it provides us with other essential minerals also it helps to maintain weight and digestion. The plant of turnip does not require much effort to grow like the beet and the potato. You can grow your own turnip plants with our simple guide tips. You can easily grow turnips in grow bags or pots (also before seed germination, you can sow seeds in a seedling tray with potting mix or coco peat, later you can transplant in pots). Start to sow turnip seeds about 0.5 inches deep in the soil and do not hide the seeds with more than 0.5 inch of soil. (sow them in temperature from 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit).

Instructions to Grow Turnips Plant From Seeds

Best growing season for turnips – You can grow turnips from seeds at any time but it grow well in the spring and winter seasons.
Turnip Seeds germinating time – Turnip seeds will take 4 to 10 days to germinate from sowing.
Water requirements for turnips – Turnips do not require much water, give 1 litre of water per week.
Best Soil for Turnips – Use well-drained, loamy soil with PH between 6.0 to 6.5 for better results of turnips.
Sunlight for turnips – It needs full sunlight to grow well.
Temperature for turnips plant – It grows best in temperatures from 4-24 degrees Celsius (40-75 degrees Fahrenheit).
Best Fertilizers for turnip plants – You can choose a potting mix or an organic fertilizer like cow manure, peat moss, or vermicompost.
Common pests in turnips – Generally some pests like root maggots, flea beetles, powdery mildew, downy mildew, and aphids, attack the turnip plants and damage them. To keep safe your plants from these pests use Neem oil.
Turnips harvest time – You can harvest turnips about 50 to 80 days of transplanting.
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