Ready to Use Organic Potting Soil Mix 2 kg


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Ready to Use Organic Potting Soil Mix, with All Essential Nutrients for Plants. This Premium ready to use potting mix is enriched with essential plant Nutrients for all types of plants like flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Promotes good Aeration helps Better Growth of Roots. Light Weight, Odourless. Restricts Pests, weeds. Contains microbes that enhance the soil properties.

Product Description

  1. Completely organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  2. Contains micro and macronutrients.
  3. Its anti-fungal property helps the plants to grow healthy.
  4. Contains microbes that enhance the soil properties
  5. Ready to Use No need to add fertilizer.
  6. Good for flowers, vegetables, and herbs plants.
  7. Good water holding capacity.
  8. 100% Organic Made with 100% natural ingredients
  9. Our potting soil mixture is clean and Odourless.
  10. Actual weight 1.9 KG

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