Spinach (Palak) F1 HYB All Green Seeds (पालक के बीज)

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Spinach is a green leafy vegetable and popular as palak in India. It contains high protein, minerals, and vitamins as compared to other leafy vegetables. Spinach is a cool lover plant and grow quickly in cold weather but cannot give better result in a hot climate. If you think that spinach is challenging to grow or you cannot take care of plants so, you are wrong. Spinach is a fast-growing vegetable and grows very quickly. If you love gardening and want to grow plants but don’t know how to grow spinach in pots or when to grow spinach so, all doubts will be clear after reading the information. Buy the Best Quality Spinach (Palak) F1 HYB All Green Seeds Online at the best price in India from www.organicbazar.net with a good germination rate.

About this item

  • Number of Spinach (All Green) seeds (Palak ke beej): 750 Seeds
  • Where to grow: Balcony or terrace garden
  • Sowing season: Spring as well as Fall and Winter Season (the best month is September to October)
  • Mode of sowing: Sow the seeds 0.5 to 1 inch deep in a Container, or Pot.
  • Germination Time: 4 to 14 days from sowing
  • Germination temperature: 15-25°C
  • Harvesting: 30-40 days
  • Plant vigor: Bushy Plants, Numerous Side Branches

What size grow bag is best for Spinach (Palak)?

Spinach All Green Growing Season In India

Leafy vegetable spinach is sown in any season throughout the year. In the winter season, the best month for sowing is from September to October, and for the spring season, you can sow the spinach seed from mid-February to April. Spinach grows very well in cool climates but sometimes it can also grow in warm climates.

How To Grow All Green Spinach Plant

All Green Spinach is a fast-growing vegetable and can grow very easily with less care. Choose the best quality spinach seeds for better results. If you want to plant spinach in your home garden or kitchen garden then you can directly sow the seeds in any pots or grow bags. Select a pot or grow bag 18-24 and 6-12 inches wide and deep with well drainage holes.

Spinach All Green grows fast in cool climates or when the soil is moist and does not grow well in hot weather or in temperatures of more than 32°C. If you live in a warmer climate, then grow your spinach plant where it can get partial light to keep moisture in the soil and prevent bolting. Grow spinach at home with the best germination temperature between 15-25°C.

Spinach F1 HYB All Green Seeds Sowing Method

Spinach F1 HYB all green seeds sowing directly into a pot is the best way to grow. Avoid transplanting or repotting germinated seeds as spinach have delicate root and do not grow well with transplanting. Select a pot/grow bag and fill them with a sowing medium. Sow the spinach f1 hyb all green seeds about 0.5-1 inch deep in the soil at 2-3 inches from each seed. Give deep water to your spinach pots every day by using a watering can. Keep the seedling in a shaded area because spinach seed does not need light to germinate. Spinach seeds will be germinated within 4-14 days, but sometimes seeds can take more or less time to germinate (depending on growing conditions). Protect the seedling from direct harsh sunlight and do not overwater the seedlings.

Fertilizer For Spinach All Green

  • Add any organic fertilizer (neem cake, vermicompost, cow manure) to the soil before planting spinach.
  • After the seeds germinate and when the plant makes roots correctly, apply nitrogen-rich liquid fertilizer around the spinach plants. If you use solid fertilizer by loosening the soil, then the roots of spinach can be damaged, so use liquid fertilizer after seed germination.
  • After 10-15 days of Spinach All Green seeds germination, apply solid organic fertilizer like vermicompost or cow manure.

Spinach Plant Care Tips

Sunlight – Choose a spot that receives natural bright light during early morning and late afternoon but be shaded during the hottest part of the day. Spinach needs 6- 8 hours of full sunlight, but it can also grow well in 4- 6 hours of partial sunlight.

Water – Give regular water to the spinach plant. It helps to keep the spinach plant cool but does not overwater and keep the soil moist because spinach will bolt when the soil dries out.  

Soil – Use well-drained and nutrient-rich soil for plant spinach.    

Temperature – Spinach is a cool-weather crop and can easily survive in less temperature. The best minimum temperature for spinach is 10°C and a maximum of 32 Celsius.

Common pests and diseases – Cutworm, snail, cabbage loopers, and slugs are all common pests of spinach that can eat the leaves of plants; to avoid these pests, use garlic juice or neem oil spray. Leaf miners and downy mildew are the two main diseases affecting spinach plants.

Mulch – To keep moist soil and prevent your spinach plant from weeds, mulch lightly (but not too much) with grass clippings or straw.

All Green Spinach Harvest Time

  • All Green spinach will take 30-40 days for harvest (or more than 40 days, depending on growing conditions)
  • You can cut the outer or older leaf first, then cut small leaves with scissors.
  • Cut the leaf’s stem from close to the base of the spinach plant.
  • If you want to re-grow your spinach plant, then leave half inch stem during harvesting above the soil surface.
  • Spinach plants can re-grow for two or three harvests, but when the growing point is not damaged during first harvesting and when the weather is still cool.

Spinach All Green Special Features

  • Common name – Palak (पालक)
  • Scientific name – Spinacia oleracea
  • Height – Above 1 foot
  • Level of growing – Easy


Can I cut bolting spinach?

Bolting means a plant has started producing seeds and started the end-of-life process. Spinach can bolt due to plants getting less water or extra sunlight (high temperature) in their final growing stage. You can cut bolting spinach, but their leaves become bitter and tasteless. Also, you can collect seeds from the bolting plant and use them for growing next year.

Why is my spinach getting wilting?

Overwatering is the main reason behind wilting, so avoid overwatering and keep the soil moist.

Why are my spinach seeds not germinating?

Spinach seeds will not germinate because of improper growing conditions like not getting enough sunlight, sowing seeds too deep in the soil, overwatering, or underwatering.

Does spinach need full sun or shade?

Spinach plants prefer full sunlight but also can grow in partial shade.

Will spinach re-grow after cutting?

Spinach plants can re-grow for two or three harvests, but when the growing point is not damaged during first harvesting and when the weather is still cool.

How do you grow spinach plants faster?

Spinach plants give the best result when growing in moist and nitrogen-rich soil.

Why is my spinach not growing well?

Spinach will not grow if the soil is too warm or too wet.

Note: Images are for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.

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