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Peas Azad P3 is one of the best varieties of peas. Peas are good source of vitamin C, vitamin E and protein. Sweet, crunchy and healthy peas are an easy and rewarding vegetable that can grow in our home garden or kitchen garden. Peas like cool climate and growing peas in summer is bad decision. In this information you will learn how to grow peas in pots, what is best fertilizer for pea, how much water does peas need to grow and many more about growing peas in container. Buy Best quality Peas Azad P3 Seeds Online at the best price in India from with a Good Germination rate.

About this item

  • Number of Peas Azad P3 Seeds: 50 Seeds (approximately)
  • Where to grow: Balcony or terrace garden
  • Sowing season: Throughout the year, as per local climatic conditions
  • Mode of sowing: Sow the seeds 1 inch deep in Container, or Pot.
  • Germination temperature: 15-21°C
  • Germination Time: 7 to 14 days from sowing
  • Harvesting: 55 to 60 days from transplanting
  • Plant vigor: Strong plant with short internodes

What size grow bag is best for Peas?

Peas Seeds Growing Season In India

Peas are cool season vegetable and cannot survive in hot climate. Best time to grow peas in India either in winter (October to November) or early spring (January to February).

How To Grow Peas At Home

Direct sowing method is best for planting peas. Peas are perfect for growing in pots or grow bags (12-15 inches width and height). Peas plants growing fast in cold weather and give 1 inch deep water at the time of planting to establish them. Pea seeds germination temperature should be 15-21 degree Celsius. Peas need support for growing, provide a support structure like trellis, poles, pipe, bamboo, rope or wires.

Peas Seeds Sowing Method

Pea seeds should be sown directly rather than transplanting. Select a pot/grow bag and fill them with a sowing medium. Sown peas seed per pot in about 1 inch deep in soil at a distance of 2-4 inches from each seed. Give deep water to your peas pot everyday by using water can. Keep the pot in sunny location for seeds germinated. Pea seeds will be germinated in 7-14 days (depend on growing conditions).

Pea Fertilizer Requirements

Peas need phosphorus and potassium rich fertilizer like organic potash fertilizer but excess nitrogen will encourage foliage growth instead of flowers or pods. Apply any liquid organic fertilizer (like tea compost) every week when pea start flowering.

Peas Plant Care Tips

Water – Water requirement of peas plant is very low, watering peas 1 inch per week and keep the soil moist not soggy.

Soil – Best soil recommendations for peas is loamy and well drained.

Sunlight – Peas need at least 6 hours of full sunlight for better growth.  

Temperature – 10-30 degree Celsius is best growing temperature for pea plants.

Common pests and disease – Pea aphids, pea pod borer and maggots are the common pests found in peas. Downy mildew, powdery mildew and root rot fungi makes foliage yellowed, stunted and wilted. Use organic pesticides as: neem oil to avoid these insects and pests.  

Mulch – Add thick layer mulch in peas plant will help to keep the root cool.

When Do Pea Plants Flower

Peas will start flowering within 4-6 week after visible vining. Pea plant flower are self pollinating; there is no need of insects or wind to pollinate. Pods will be mature within 18-21 days after flowering.

Peas Harvest Time

  • Within 60-80 days peas will be ready to harvest.
  • You can pick peas when the pods are full and green colour and before the peas start to harden.
  • Cut the peas with sharp scissor by its stem, don’t pull otherwise it will damage other peas that are still ripening.

Pea Plant Special Features

  • Common name – Hari matar (in Hindi)
  • Scientific Name – Pisum Sativum
  • Plant Height – About 3 feet
  • Companion plant – Beans, carrots, cucumber and corn
  • Grow level – Easy


Why are my pea seeds not germinating?

Pea seeds will not germinate because of improper growing conditions like not getting enough sunlight, over watering or under watering.

Why are my pea plants not growing well?

Pea plants will not grow if the soil is too warm or too wet.

Do peas need full sun or shade?

Peas prefer 6-8 hours of full sunlight and can tolerate partial shade but their growth will be slow.

Why my peas leave getting wilting?

Overwatering is the main reason behind wilting; so avoid overwatering and keep the soil moist.

Why my pea plants dying?

Improper watering practices like under watering or over watering is the main reason of pea plants die.

Why is my pea plant not flowering?

There are three factors like water, sunlight and temperature changes that affect the blooms of your peas. Don’t get too much water or less water to your green pea plants and keep the plant at a place where it can get proper sunlight.

Do pea plants need support?

For vertical growth of peas, it needs support like pipe, bamboo, rope or wires for producing more fruit, they require more space to grow.

How many months do peas take to grow?

Peas will take about 2-3 months to grow from planting to harvesting.

Why my pea flowering but no pods?

Sometimes pea plant is healthy growing and flowering but the pea pods do not form, this can be the cause of poor pollination.

In which month do you plant peas?

Generally winter is best time to grow peas and the best month for planting peas is January to February.

Note : Images are for reference purposes only. Actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.

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