Celosia Cockscomb Dwarf Mix Seeds
Celosia Cockscomb Dwarf Mix Seeds
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Celosia Cockscomb Dwarf Mix Seeds

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This beautiful celosia cockscomb grows best in dry climates and blooms from summer to fall. If you want to plant celosia read it fully and buy the best quality Celosia Cockscomb Dwarf Mix Online at the best price from www.organicbazar.net with a high germination rate and add colors to your garden. 

Product Detail 

  • Seed quantity: 200 Seeds
  • Best sowing season: Spring or Summer
  • Sowing method: Direct
  • Germination temperature: 23-26°C
  • Germination time: 7-14 days
  • Sowing distance: 20-30 cm Plant to Plant
  • Blooming time: Summer to Autumn

What size grow bag is best for Cockscomb?

Celosia Cockscomb Growing Season In India 

Celosia is a flowering plant that only prefers dry, sunny, and warm conditions. In India, you can sow celosia seeds during spring or summer (February - April) when the weather are warm and dry. 

How To Grow Celosia (Cockscomb) In Pots 

Celosia is a low-maintenance plant and is perfect if you are growing it in containers. You can plant celosia directly in pots as it does not like to be transplanted or you can sow the seeds in a coco peat coin so that the roots are not disturbed. The size of the pot or grow bag should be at least 30 - 45 cm deep and wide and the spacing between celosia plants should be 20-30 cm.

Celosia Cockscomb Dwarf Mix Seeds Sowing Method 

Take a pot or grow bag and fill it with potting mix. Spread good-quality celosia seeds on the soil and cover the seeds with a very thin layer of soil or vermiculite. Celosia seeds do not require light to germinate, keep the soil moist but avoid over-watering. The optimum temperature for germinating celosia seeds is 23-26°C and it takes about 7-14 days to germinate.

Celosia Fertilizer Requirements  

  • Add organic fertilizer or a nitrogen-rich liquid fertilizer to celosia plants every month to encourage foliage growth.
  • To encourage more blooms, apply a fertilizer containing phosphorus when the celosia is established.

Celosia Plant Care Tips

Soil - Celosia grows very nicely in well-drained and sandy loamy soil. 
Water - It does not require much watering, you can water it once a week or when the soil is dry. Always keep the soil moist, but do not allow the soil to dry out for too long.
Sunlight - Celosia thrives in sunny, dry, and high-humidity conditions. It grows best in 6-8 hours of direct sunlight however, it can tolerate partial shade. 
Temperature - The temperature between 15-30°C is ideal for growing celosia flowering plants. 
Common pests and diseases - Certain pests such as aphids and mites inhibit celosia plant growth, and diseases such as powdery mildew and fungal infections infect the plant. These problems arise due to over-watering in the soil, if you keep the soil moist and do not allow too much water in the soil then this problem will be solved.
Pruning - To encourage new bloom and healthy plant growth, deadheading of spent flowers and removing unwanted or infected stems or leaves are essential. Deadhead will also help to prevent reseeding. 

Celosia Blooming Time 

  • Celosia blooms from summer to autumn (fall) or sometimes until frost. You can expect to bloom celosia within 2 months of planting. 
  • You can cut celosia flowers and use them to decorate your home. 

Celosia Special Features

  • Common name - Cockscomb, king coral, and feathery amaranth
  • Scientific name - Celosia 
  • Height - 15-25 cm
  • Companion planting - Canna lilies, tender salvia, zinnia, marigold, and amaranth 
  • Blooming time - Summer to Autumn


How long do celosia plants last?

Celosia is an annual growing flowering plant that only lives for 1 year.

How do you keep a celosia blooming?

If they get proper sunlight and warm conditions, celosias will enjoy blooming and continue to thrive.

How do you get seeds from celosia?

If you want to collect celosia seeds from plants, autumn is the best time to save them. You can cut off either the flower head or the entire stem and wait until they turn brown to get more seeds.

Is celosia poisonous to dogs?

Celosia is non-poisonous and safe for dogs. 

What is the main reason for dropping the celosia plant?

Overwatering or underwatering causes celosia plant drop. Don't over-water or under-water, don't keep the soil wet, and water only when you feel the soil has dried out.

Note: Images are for reference purposes only. Actual products may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.

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I purchased a few varieties of seeds recently, and celosia was one among them. I sowed them and happy to see that more than 90% seeds have germinated, which is really good. I have just transferred them to next size pots and am happy to see that all of them have survived and growing slowly. I am eager to see the grow and to see good flowering. I shall revert back after I see the flowers