Tomato (tamatar) Seeds F1 Hybrid (टमाटर के बीज)

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Tomato is the most popular vegetable in our kitchen; Tomato is fragrant, edible packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium Fibre, and many other important antioxidants. Make soups, and sauces or eat them raw in a salad; it’s tasty in all forms. Grow your own tomato in your home garden and Add fresh flavor and a lot of nutrition to your food with a few tomatoes. Tomato is one of the easiest growing plants that anyone can grow; if you want to plant tomatoes so read the information below on how to sow tomato seeds (tamatar ke beej). Buy the Best Quality Tomato Arka Rakshak Seeds Online at the best price in India from with a good germination rate.

About this item

  • Number of Tomato Seeds: 50 Seeds (Approximately)
  • Sowing season: Throughout the year (The best month is March-April)
  • Where to grow: Balcony or terrace garden
  • Mode of sowing: Sow the seeds 0.5 cm deep in a seedling tray or Container, or Pots. Transplant in 25 to 30 days
  • Germination Time: 6 to 14 days from sowing
  • Germination temperature: 18-27°C
  • Harvesting: 60 to 80 days from transplanting 
  • Plant vigor: Strong plant with short internodes

What size grow bag is best for tomatoes?

Tomato Growing Season In India

You can sow tomato seeds throughout the year but the best month for sowing tomato seeds are March-April or September-November. All types of tomatoes grow fast in a warm climate.

How To Grow Tomato At Home

The most productive tomato is very easy to grow. Generally, tomato seeds are sown in a seedling tray and then transplanted after the seeds germinate, transplant is necessary because it allows the plant to grow freely. Choose a seedling tray or small pot (up to 5 inches deep) and a final pot or grow bag (12-15 inches deep and wide) with well-drainage holes. You can sow tomato seeds in warm weather either indoor or outdoor and the best temperature for seeds germination is 18-27°C. Give proper sunlight to your tomato plant and the soil should be moist.

The best soil mix for tomatoes is –

Tomato F1 Hybrid Seeds Sowing Method

Start sowing tomato seeds in the seedling tray is the best idea because it provides the most favorable environment. Select a seedling tray or small size pots, fill it with growing medium, and spread the tomato seeds on it, then cover a thin layer of soil above the seeds. Give light water through a water sprayer. Keep the seedling tray in a location where it receives full sunlight and keeps the soil moist. Tomato seeds will germinate within 6-14 days (depending on growing conditions).

Transplant Tomato Plant Into Big Pots

After tomato seeds germination, when seedlings are 6-12 inches tall at that time transplant the healthiest plant carefully (without disturbing their root) into pots and set the seedling 8-12 inches apart from each other. Keep the pot in a location where the tomato plant gets 6-8 hours of proper sunlight and give water whenever you feel that soil becomes dry.

How To Fertilize Tomato Plants

During flowering time, add a few handfuls of organic manure to the soil every 15-18 days, after adding manure mix well and gently water.

Tomato Care Tips

Water – Tomato plant needs regular water or deep watering on summer days for better or fast growth of plants and give water once in 3 days during winters.

Soil – Use well-drained, fertile, and high organic matter soil. The ideal ph value of soil is ranging between 6.0-6.8.

Sunlight – Tomato needs at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight for high yield or fast growth of plants.

Temperature – The Optimum temperature for tomatoes is 15-30°C and should not be less than 10°C.

Common pests and disease – Some pests like Aphids, cutworms, caterpillars, and root-knot nematodes can attack tomato plants. Powdery mildew and bacterial milt is the main disease that infected tomato plants. To get rid of this problem, it would be right to spray neem oil on the tomato plant from time to time.

Pruning – As the tomato plant grows, remove and prune out the bottom leaves or any damaged leaves to keep the plant open airy, and free of pests and diseases.

Support – When tomato plants begin to grow they need more space; Provide support such as pipe, bamboo, rope, or wire to produce more fruit.

Tomato Flowering Time And Pollination

Within 40-45 days from transplanting, tomato plants will start flowering. Tomatoes are open-pollinated; Flowers are fertilized by bees, birds, moths, or even wind or rain, humans, or any other natural mechanism.

Tomato Harvest Time

  • After 60-80 days from transplant, the tomato will start ripening.
  • Tomato will be fully ripe when the fruit becomes softened and red in color, if you feel too hard, then it is not ready to harvest yet.
  • To harvest ripe tomatoes, pull them from the stem with a light tug or use a scissor.
  • You can harvest your tomatoes at least twice a week.

Tomato Special Features

  • Common name – Tamatar (टमाटर)
  • Scientific name – Solanum Lycopersicum
  • Height – Above 5 feet
  • Flower color – Yellow


Do the tomato plants need sun or shade?

Tomatoes are a most productive vegetable that needs maximum sunlight (at least 6- 8 hours) for the fast growth of plants.

How do I know if my tomatoes are ripe?

Tomatoes are ripe when the shiny green turns to a red and the inside will be also red.

Why are my tomato leaves curling?

Heat and low moisture can cause the curling of tomato leaves.

What are the signs of overwatering tomato plants?

The most common sign of overwatered tomato plants is yellowing of leaves, wilting of plants, and cracking of fruits.

Should I water tomatoes every day?

Yes, you should water tomatoes every day, but make sure the soil is moist, not soggy.

Why are my tomato seeds not germinating?

Tomato seeds will not germinate because of improper growing conditions like not getting enough sunlight, over watering, or underwatering.

Why are my tomato plants not growing well?

Tomato plants will not grow if the soil is too warm or too wet.

Why is my tomato plant not flowering?

Tomatoes will not flower (or fruit), generally caused by the temperature that is either too hot or too cold. Make sure that your tomato plant receives at least 6 hours of full sunlight for the fruit set.

Why does my tomatoes flower die but not fruits?

Tomato with no fruits may be the result of incorrect temperature and lacks pollination.

What causes leaves on a tomato plant to turn yellow?

The most common reason for yellow leaves on tomato plants is either under watering or lack of nutrients in the soil. Give proper water to the tomato plants, keep the soil moist and apply nutrients to the soil.

Why are my tomato plants suddenly dying?

Improper watering practices like under watering or over watering and fungal wilt disease are the main reason for tomatoes plant to die. Tomato plants cannot survive without water but too much water also kills the plants.

Note: Images are for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.

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