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Ornamental corn is one of the unique ornamental purpose plants having different colors of seeds (kernels) and is popular in India. Ornamental corn varies in size and shape, with this variety having smaller kernels and resembling a rainbow of colors. Ornamental multicolored corn has so many uses, you can decorate your home with its kernels, and it’s great for kids to play with or learn in a fun way. Growing ornamental corn is one of the best ways to decorate your home garden or roof garden. Growing ornamental corn is the best way to decorate your home garden or terrace garden. Buy the best quality ornamental multi-color corn seeds online at the best price in India from with a good germination rate.

About this item

  • Number of Ornamental Multi Color Corn Seeds: 20 Seeds (Approximately)
  • Where to grow: Balcony or terrace garden
  • Sowing season: Throughout the year
  • Mode of sowing: Sow the seeds 0.5-1 inch deep in a Container, or Pot.
  • Germination temperature: 20-30°C
  • Germination Time: 6-10 days from sowing
  • Harvesting: 80-120 days from planting
  • Plant vigor: Strong plant

What size grow bag is best for Multi Color Corn?

Multicolor Ornamental Corn Growing Season In India

You can grow the ornamental corn plant in any season throughout the year but the ornamental corn grows quickly and gets the best result in the warm season and it cannot survive in a cool climate.

How To Grow Ornamental Corn Multi-color At Home

The direct sowing method is the best for sowing the ornamental rainbow corn seeds because corn does not grow well in transplant. You can easily grow ornamental corn plants in your home garden or terrace garden. The best size of the pots and grow bags are 15-24 inches wide and deep for planting ornamental corn. Give well water during germination time by water can. After germination, corn plants need sunlight so, keep the pots under open sunlight. Ornamental corn seeds germinate best in soil temperatures of 20-30°C.

Ornamental Multi-Color Corn Seeds Sowing Method

You can sow the ornamental corn seeds directly in any big pots or grow bags about 0.5-1 inch deep in the soil and planting corn spacing is 6-8 inches from each seed. Give water to the potted seeds through a watering can, the seeds will be germinated within 6-10 days.

Fertilizer For Ornamental Corn

  • Ornamental corn fertilizer recommendations are not too much; before corn seeds sowing, mix good quality organic manure in the soil with a 2:1 ratio. And after 60 days of planting corn, mix a handful of vermicompost in the soil around each plant.
  • You can also add any aged manure or organic fertilizer to your ornamental corn plants every few weeks.

Ornamental Corn Plant Care Tips

Sunlight – Ornamental corn prefers 6-8 hours of full sunlight every day.

Water – Give regular water to your ornamental corn plant during summer days and give water every alternate day in the winter season. 

Soil – Corn plants will grow best in well-drained soil, fertile and loamy soil.

Temperature – The ideal growing temperature for ornamental corn plants is 21-32°C.

Common pests and diseases – Some pests like snail, aphid, and earworm attack the corn plants, and some diseases that can affect your ornamental corn plants are grey leaf spot, rust, downy mildew, ear rot, and many others. Look for the early sign of fungal, insect, or other infections, and spray organic pesticide neem oil to cure these symptoms.

Weeding – For the fast growth of corn plants, weeding should be done regularly, and be careful not to damage the roots during weeding.

Ornamental Corn Flowering And Pollination

Within 2 months the corn plants start to give flowers, the plant contains both male (tassels) and female (silks and ears). The corns are typically pollinated by wind but some corns are cross-pollinated.

Ornamental Corn Harvest Time

  • Ornamental corn is ready to harvest about 3 weeks after the tassel grows on the top of the ornamental corn plants and after 80-120 days of seeds sowing.
  • Harvest the ornamental corn when the ears of the corn turn dark green, and the silks turn brown and dried.

Ornamental Corn Special Features

  • Common name – Ornamental corn, Indian corn, Calico corn, and Flint corn
  • Scientific name – Zea mays
  • Height – 6 to 9 feet
  • Flower color – White, yellow
  • Level of growth – Easy


Can you eat ornamental corn?

Usually, ornamental corn is non-edible corn but some varieties can eat but they do not taste like normal corn.

How long will ornamental corn last?

Ornamental corn will be stored for 4-6 months if you store them at room temperature.

What is the main reason for not producing ears of corn?

Over watering or under watering, pest infestation or disease, and improper spacing are the main causes for not producing ears of corn. Plant your corn seeds 6-8 inches apart and avoid plants from insects and diseases by using organic pesticides neem oil.

How long does ornamental corn take to grow?

Ornamental corn will take about 3-4 months (or 120 days) to grow.

How many ornamental corns do you get from one plant?

A healthy ornamental corn plant will produce 1-2 corn (cobs).

Why are my corn seeds not germinating?

Corn ornamental seeds will not germinate because of improper growing conditions like not getting enough sunlight, sowing seeds too deep in the soil, overwatering, or underwatering.

Why is my corn plant not flowering?

There are three factors water, sunlight, and temperature changes that affect the blooms of your ornamental corn plants. Don’t get too much water or less water to your corn plants and keep the plant in a place where it can get proper sunlight.

Note: Images are for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.

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