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Vermicompost for plants 5kg best best for home gardening
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Vermicompost Fertilizer Manure for Home Garden Plants (5kg)

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Product description
Vermicompost for Plants is specially formulated to boost the growth and vitality of your plants in your home garden. Enriched with essential nutrients and microorganisms, this organic, eco-friendly fertilizer promotes strong root systems, improves soil structure, and enhances water retention. Give your plants the best care they deserve while contributing to a greener future with our 100% organic Vermicompost Fertilizer Manure. Ideal for home gardeners and Kitchen gardening, this 5kg packet will transform your plants and garden, ensuring lush foliage and bountiful harvests all year round.

About this item

  • Vermicompost Fertilizer Manure Enhances soil aeration
  • Boosts soil health with increased micro-organisms
  • 10-20x more microbial activity in worm castings compared to ingested soil/organic matter
  • Draws in deep-burrowing earthworms naturally found in soil
  • 100% organic, free of harmful chemicals
  • Excellent organic fertilizer for home garden plants like vegetables, flowers, and fruit plants.
  • Provides both micro and macronutrients, including NPK
  • Strong water retention capabilities
  • Antifungal properties promote plant health and root

How to use Vermicompost in Pots?

  1. Get good quality vermicompost: Buy from or make it yourself.
  2. Mix with soil: Add 10%-20% vermi-compost to potting soil for planting new plants or making potting soil 
  3. Top dress: Add 1-2 inches of vermicompost fertilizer on top for existing plants. For small plants, use 100-gram, and for big plants, use 200 grams.
  4. Water properly: Keep the soil moist but not too wet.
  5. Reapply: Add more vermicompost every 3-6 weeks.
  6. Watch plant health: Adjust vermicompost use if needed.

Customers mostly ask questions related to vermicompost

  1. Does vermicompost contain live worms?
    No, vermicompost should not contain live worms. It is the end product of the decomposition process carried out by worms and microorganisms and typically consists of finely decomposed organic matter.

  2. Can vermicompost be used alone to grow plants?
    Yes, vermicompost can be used alone to grow plants, especially for potting mixes and small-scale gardening. It is rich in nutrients and beneficial microorganisms, which promote plant growth.

  3. What's the ideal ratio of vermicompost to soil for planting?
    A common ratio is to mix 1 part vermicompost with 2 parts soil. However, this can vary based on the specific needs of the plants and the existing soil fertility.

  4. Does vermicompost completely replace the need for other fertilizers? Vermicompost is very nutrient-rich and can significantly reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers, but it might only partially replace them, especially in nutrient-depleted soils or for plants with high nutrient demands.

  5. If vermicompost isn't enough on its own, what other fertilizers might I need to use with it?
    Depending on plant needs and soil conditions, you might need additional nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium supplements. Also, adding bone meal for phosphorus or organic rock phosphate for potassium can be beneficial.

  6. How often would I need to add vermicompost to the soil for sustained plant growth?
    Typically, adding vermicompost at the beginning of each planting season is sufficient. For high-yield gardens or container plants, additional applications every 4-6 weeks can be beneficial.

  7. Are there specific plants that benefit more from vermicompost than others?
    Plants that benefit most from vermicompost include heavy feeders like tomatoes, peppers, and leafy greens, due to the rich nutrient content. It's also excellent for starting seedlings due to its high microbial activity, which helps young plants develop strong root systems.

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Sureshbhai Makvana

Vermicompost Fertilizer Manure for Home Garden Plants (5kg)

Rohidas G Shirke
Vermi compost

Good vermi compost quality was good
And packing was best

Harshit balayan

Vermicompost Fertilizer Manure for Home Garden Plants (5kg)

Asma Ukaye
Zabardast ever product

Seeds and ferilizer both are good I'm too much happy with this product

Sunita Nirala

Good product