Sticky Trap for Insects
Sticky Trap for Insects
Sticky Trap for Insects
Sticky Trap for Insects

Sticky Trap for Insects (5 Blue + 20 Yellow)

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Sticky Trap Non-Toxic and Chemical Free Fly Trap/Insect Catcher/Sticky Pads/Insect Killer for Insects, Whiteflies, Aphids, Leaf Minor, Thrips (5 Blue + 20 Yellow Pieces)

Sticky traps are an advanced method for monitoring and controlling many insects in the home garden. In this study, the effect of yellow sticky traps on the whitefly population dynamics was determined in the greenhouse and in the field. In the greenhouse, the yellow sticky trap significantly suppressed the population growth of adult and immature whiteflies.
The whitefly density in greenhouses with traps was significantly lower than in greenhouses without traps. In the field, traps did not have a significant effect on the population dynamics of adult and immature whiteflies. The density in the traps farms was similar to that in the fields without the traps.
These results suggest that yellow sticky traps can be used as an effective method for the control of whiteflies in the greenhouse and in the field or home garden. This information will prove useful for the effective management of whiteflies in greenhouses also.
Target Pest: Whitefly, Aphid, Leaf miner, Cabbage root fly, Capsides, Trips, Cabbage white butterfly Cucumber beetles, Tea mesquites, leafhoppers, Fruit Fly, Moth, brown planthopper, and Other Flying Insects.
Crops: Vegetable and Flowers
How to use: Simply hang over your crop at regular intervals and do regular pest catch counts to determine the size of the population and the source of the problem. Glue traps are designed to make a real impact in your greenhouse. Monitors and detects insects on the farm or home garden. Attracts all flying insects that damage crops.

Advantages of using this IPM Product:

  • The insect can be attractive from a long distance.
  • High tack adhesive layer.
  • Ideal for quick and simple monitoring.
  • The glue is non-toxic and does not dry fast.
  • It is easy to install in the field or at home garden.
  • They are ECO-friendly.
  • Non-Toxic

Product Color:

  • Yellow & Blue

About this item

  • Protect from all types of flying insects like Whiteflies, Thrips, Green Plant Hopper, Aphids, Thrips causing disease of Cassava Mosaic, Yellow vein mosaic, Blackspot, etc
  • Sticky Trap glue does not dry out and the Sticky Trap will last until the surface area is completely covered with insects, even though rain and heat,
  • These sticky traps have advance technology useful for farms, Home Garden, Terrace gardens, Agriculture Fields, Farmhouse, etc.
  • 100% Natural, chemical-free, and nontoxic 5 blue sticky traps and 20 yellow traps (Total 25 pieces)
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Bhupendra Kaneria
Great product and quality.

Got some great products from organic bazar. Very satisfied. 👍

Khadeer Basha

Yellow and blue sticky traps k sath yellow colour small threads bhi bhajiya kisan ku avr aap ku bhi faida hoga

Archana Dwivedi

Nice product bas sath me trap badhne ke liye wire bhi diya kariye.

Palraj sadayandi

Sticky Trap for Insects (5 Blue + 20 Yellow)

Dinesh Yadav

Bas price thoda kam kijiye