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Plant Support Clips For Home Garden - Set of 50

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Growing plants such as Tomatoes, Cucumber, and Capsicum require support for vertical growth. Traditional trellis supports, however, can be time-consuming, complex, and expensive. A product called the Plant Support Clip is available to make growing these plants easier.
These clips serve as stem support or trellising ties and can be used for hanging plants such as cucumber, capsicum, Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd, and tomato in the home garden. By fixing the clips at the Y junction of the plant branch, they provide support for vertical growth. Plant clips for climbing plants are simple to attach to the plants to the trellising twine/rope and make it easier to grow creeper plants.
Buy the best Creeper Plant Support Clips (50pc) online for home gardening at the lowest price at Plant clips for climbing plants in India.

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  • Plant Support Clips - Set of 50
  • Size  - 3 cm
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Bokali Chishi

Good packaging. Seeds yet to see if they will germinate well. Will write a review.

'@Bokali Chishi , thankyou for the feedback on packaging. Awaiting your feedback on results.'