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Rooting Ball Tools for Plant Propagation (Set of 5)

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Introducing our Plant Rooting Ball – the essential tool for efficient plant cloning. Crafted for the propagation of plants, trees, and shrubs, these black root ball cups provide a discreet environment for optimal growth. Employing the innovative air layering technique, this plant root ball tool facilitates rapid and reliable reproduction. Create stunning bonsai easily as a new shoot with developed roots forms within the ball, ensuring swift transplantation and continued growth. Experience the art of propagation simplified with our unique Plant Rooting Ball.

About this item

  • Plant Root Ball - Set of 5
  • Rooting Ball Diameter - 5.2 cm


  • Efficient Cloning: A revolutionary tool for replicating plants, trees, and shrubs through the innovative method of air layering.
  • Available Color: Black, Transparent.
  • Smart Propagation: Effortlessly clone plants using the proven "air layering" technique.
  • Rapid Results: Witness new shoots with well-developed roots emerging where the ball is placed.
  • Simple Process: Our unique solution simplifies air layering, making it accessible for all gardening enthusiasts.
  • Reliable Method: Count on the success of air layering with this foolproof tool.

How To Use?

  1. Select the plant you wish to clone.
  2. Gently peel a section of the branch.
  3. Fill the ready-mixed soil into a ball and attach it to the branch.
  4. Enclose the peeled section with the rooting ball.
  5. Allow time for roots to develop within the ball.
  6. Once roots are well-established, make a clean cut below the root ball.
  7. Transplant the new seedling with its developed root system.
  8. Watch your propagated plant flourish while the mother plant continues to grow.

Elevate your gardening game with the Air Layering Plant Rooting Ball - your shortcut to successful and swift plant propagation. Add this Plants Rooting ball Device Tool to your gardening arsenal today and experience the joy of cultivating new plant life effortlessly.
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Rooting Ball Tools for Plant Propagation (Set of 5)

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Rooting Ball Tools for Plant Propagation (Set of 5)