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Organic Potash Fertilizer for Gardening (900 GM)

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Organic Potash Fertilizer for Home Gardening, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash (NPK) are the three essential nutrients plants need to grow. Potash fertilizer is used to improve the quality of the plant. Potassium is essential for helping your plants fight disease and develop solid and healthy roots. Potash deficiency is most common in well-drained potting soils. Some plants need high potash at the growing stage. This fertilizer helps to meet these requirements.

Benefits of Potash Fertilizer

  • Improves the shape of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Potash is an essential nutrient required for plant growth.
  • Potash helps improve photosynthesis efficiency because it regulates CO2 intake.
  • Solves the problem of fallen leaves and improves root resistance to water loss and pests.
  • Potash is essential for helping your plants fight disease and develop solid and healthy roots.
  • Increase water retention.
  • Decrease plant stress and Creates disease resistance in plants.
  • Organic Potash Vegetable Fertilizer helps to grow vegetables in your garden.
  • Improve resistance to diseases and pests.

How to use potash fertilizer in potted plants

Sprinkle the potash uniformly around the plant.
Turn the soil around the plant to mix and cover the Organic Potash fertilizer.
Water adequately.
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Akhtar Husain
Beneficial for then other,s company product

Organic bazaar is brand of agriculture products

Thankyou for the review.

Veena Singla Bhatnagar
Best potash for all plants .

Being organic it's best potash for every flowering and vegetable plants. Will definitely buy again

Thank you, Veena Singla Bhatnagar, for your review! We're pleased to hear that you consider the Organic Potash Fertilizer to be the best for all your plants. Your satisfaction and intention to purchase again are appreciated.

Sachin Deshmukh

Can I use potash and bone meals at a time?

It's essential to follow recommended application rates for both fertilizers and be mindful of the specific needs of the plants you are growing. Excessive use of fertilizers can lead to nutrient imbalances, affecting plant health.

Manoj Prusty
Epsom salt organic potas

Good products and good results in use


110% good quality 110% organic fertilizer 110% original product I am a 110%certified this product