Romaine Lettuce Seeds
Romaine Lettuce Seeds
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seed sowing instructions in hindi (1)

Romaine Lettuce Seeds

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This type of lettuce has a thick middle rib that is very crunchy but tough and slightly bitter compared to other lettuce. These types of lettuce have large light green color leaves that are joined at a stem. The leaves of this lettuce are, fresh and crunchy. Lettuce has many health benefits and is low in calories, sugar, and fat. Leafy lettuce is a favorite among gardeners because it is very easy to grow. 

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About this item

  • Number of lettuce Romaine seeds: 300 Seeds
  • Where to grow: Balcony or terrace garden
  • owing season: Throughout the year (the best time is February-April and September-November)
  • Mode of sowing: Sow the seeds 0.75-1.25 cm deep in a Container, or Pots.
  • Germination Time: 6 to 10 days from sowing
  • Germination temperature: 15 to 25°C
  • Harvesting: 50-55 days from seeds sowing
  • Plant vigor: Strong plant, Leaf Colour, Light Green With Off-White Centre

What size grow bag is best for Lettuce?

Lettuce Romaine Growing Season In India

Lettuce is a cool-weather leafy vegetable that cannot grow well in a hot climate. The best time to grow Lettuce Romaine is spring (February-April) and fall (September-November).

How To Grow Leafy Lettuce In Container

You can sow Salad leaves or Lettuce seeds by both direct and transplant methods. But most gardeners are recommended transplants because it gives a good environment for the plant and grows successfully. Choose a seedling tray or small pot (up to  12 cm deep) and a final pot or grow bag (30-60 and 22-36 cm wide and deep) with well-drainage holes. Lettuce seeds will germinate rapidly at low temperatures between 15 to 25°C.

Best Soil Mix For Planting Romaine Lettuce

  • Normal soil – 50%
  • Cow manure – 40%
  • Sand – 10%

Romaine Lettuce Seeds Sowing Method

To sow lettuce seeds, fill the seedling tray or small-sized pot with a growing medium then sow the seeds at a depth of 0.75-1 cm. Add water to the soil of the seeded pot and maintain the proper amount of moisture. It can take about 6-10 days for lettuce seeds to germinate, so wait for the seeds to germinate.

Transplant Romaine Lettuce Plants Into Big Pot

After lettuce seeds germinate or within 15-20 days from seeds sowing, when the plant grows at least 12-15 cm tall at that time transplant the healthiest plant carefully (without disturbing their root). Keep the pot in a location where lettuce gets 5-6 hours of partial sunlight and give water whenever you feel that soil becomes dry.

How To Fertilize Lettuce Romaine

Like other green vegetables, lettuce also needs feeds; give any organic fertilizer such as cow manure or vermicompost to the lettuce plant every 30 days.

Lettuce Romaine Care Tips

Soil – Use well-drained, cool, moist soil with organic matter and pH levels of 6.0-7.0 for better results for the lettuce plants.
Water – Give proper water to the lettuce plant and always keep moist the soil; avoid overwatering.
Sunlight – Lettuce is a cool lover plant and it grows rapidly in 5-6 hours of partial shade.
Temperature – The ideal growing temperature for lettuce is 7-27°C.
Common pests and diseases – Cabbage worms, aphids, and flea beetles affect the lettuce plant growth and lettuce is infected by some diseases like Black root rot, Downy mildew, and Bacterial spot. To get rid of this problem, it would be right to spray neem oil on the lettuce plant from time to time.

Harvesting Of Romaine Lettuce

  • Within 50-55 days from seeds sowing, you can harvest leafy lettuce when lettuce is full size but young and tender because mature lettuce gets bitter in taste.
  • Cut the lettuce with a sharp knife, when they grow about 8-12 cm long.
  • After cutting, Lettuce will re-grow and can harvest lettuce at least 3-4 times each.

 Romaine Lettuce Special Features

  • Common name – Lettuce, Cos lettuce
  • Scientific name – Lactuca Sativa
  • Height – 15-30 cm 
  • level of growing – Easy


How big of a pot do we need for lettuce?

To grow lettuce, we need 30-60 cm wide and 22-36 cm deep pots or grow bags with well-draining holes.

Is lettuce hard to grow?

No, most people think that growing lettuce is difficult but if you grow in the best fertile soil with proper care, then it is very easy to grow.

Does lettuce need full sun?

Lettuce is a cool lover plant and needs 5-6 hours of partial sunlight.

Why is my lettuce not growing?

Insufficient soil moisture and over-wet soil can both result in poor growth and wilting.

Why is my lettuce plant dying?

The lettuce plant dies; if it gets too much water or less water.

What month do you grow lettuce?

Lettuce prefers a cool climate to grow, sown the lettuce seeds from February to March and September to November.

What kind of soil does lettuce like?

Lettuce likes cool, well-drained, and nutrients rich soil.

How many times can you re-grow lettuce?

At least 3-4 times, the lettuce will re-grow.

Why is my lettuce getting tall?

Sometimes during hot weather lettuces grow tall then they begin to flower and produce seeds.

Why is my lettuce getting wilting?

Overwatering is the main reason behind wilting; so avoid overwatering and keep the soil moist.

Why are my lettuce seeds not germinating?

Lettuce seeds will not germinate because of improper growing conditions like not getting enough sunlight, overwatering, or underwatering.

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Lettuce seeds

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