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Epsom Salt Fertilizer for Plants 450 Grams

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Epsom salt - helps plants grow bushier, produces more flowers & increases chlorophyll production in leaves. It also provides vital nutrients. Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate) is a 100% water-soluble plant fertilizer. It helps speed up plant growth; Improves overall plant health. Buy the best quality Epsom Salt Magnesium Sulphate for Plant Growth at organicbazar.net.

Is Epsom Salt Good for Plants?

Yes, it is good to use Epsom salts for plants, there seem to be relevant reasons. Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) helps to improve flower blooms and enhances the green color of plant leaves. It can also help plants become bushier. Epsom salt contains hydrated magnesium sulfate (magnesium and sulphur), which is essential for healthy plant growth.

How to Use Epsom salt Fertilizer

  • Add 1⁄2 tablespoon of Epsom salt to 1 liter of warm water, and shake to combine.
  • Once every few months during the growing season, use this slightly salinated mixture on your plants instead of water once a month. You can apply it directly to the soil or spray the mixture onto your plants' leaves for faster absorption.
Caution: For external use only. Do not ingest

Epsom salt is organic or chemical

Since Epsom Salts are “of the earth,” meaning they are a harvested product found in well water, they are considered organic and are deemed safe for organic gardening. MgS04 — 7 H20) is also found naturally in mines and limestone caves.
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Very useful for plants ?must buy

Thank you, Deep, for your positive review of our Epsom Salt Fertilizer for Plants. We're delighted to hear that you found it to be useful for your plants.

Suparna Ray
Product quality awesome.

Product quality is awesome .

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Expensive as compared to other online platform

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Good result .I like it n advised you may be also purchase n increase your soul quality

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