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Drip Irrigation Kit for 30 Plants : Efficient and Easy Gardening

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Product description
Introducing our innovative drip irrigation kit, the perfect solution for hassle-free watering of your garden or crops. Our kit comes complete with everything you need to set up an efficient and effective irrigation system in minutes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic watering: Set up the system once and let it do the watering for you. This saves time and ensures your plants are consistently watered.
  • Easy Installation: Our kit includes all the necessary components for quick and easy installation. Simply connect the tubing and emitters to your water source, and you're ready to go.
  • Customizable: With our drip irrigation kit, you can customize the watering to suit your specific needs. The kit comes with adjustable emitters and tubing that can be cut to fit any garden or crop layout.
  • Water-Saving: Our drip irrigation kit is designed to conserve water by delivering it directly to the roots of your plants. This reduces water waste and ensures that your plants receive the exact amount of water they need to thrive.
  • Low Maintenance: Once installed, our drip irrigation kit requires minimal maintenance. The emitters are self-cleaning, and the tubing is durable and long-lasting.
  • Versatile: Our drip irrigation kit can be used for a variety of garden and crop types, including raised beds, vegetable gardens, and flower beds.
  • Cost-Effective: Our drip irrigation kit is an affordable and cost-effective solution for watering your plants. It reduces water usage and helps to eliminate the need for hand watering, saving you time and effort.

What's in the Box

 16 mm main supply line pipe 1000cm
4mm feeder line pipe 1500cm
Drip emitters 4LPH 30
Feeder to main supply line connectors(Pin Connectors) 30
Emitter Stakes 30
Dummy (For closing any unwanted hole in the main supply line) 10
Elbow connector 3
T connector 3
Straight connector with tap (Stop supply to particular line) 3
Straight connector 3
Endcap 3
Drip hole punch (Tool to make a hole in the main supply pipe) 1

Experience the convenience and benefits of our drip irrigation kit and take the first step towards a healthy and thriving garden. Order yours today!

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Good Quality products

Product quality is good.
But main pipe and feeder pipe joint easily leak.so i can use twplon tape to stop leakage.


Good Quality, Great Price, Made In India, Good Support


One of the most useful products I have purchased here...