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Drainage Mat For Terrace Garden (2)

Drainage Mat For Terrace Garden 50x30x2 cm (10 Nos)

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Drain Cell or Drainage Mat for Terrace/Kitchen Garden - 50cm*30cm*2cm (Length*Width*Height). The design of the drain cell works together with the drain hole at the bottom to drain excess water, promote root circulation, and prevent root damage caused by over-watering. A perfect solution for creating a successful roof garden. High-quality, Super thick plastic material, can be used for rooftop or Terrace gardens and balconies.

About this item

  • Drain Mat Size - 50cm*30cm*2cm (L*W*H)
  • Drain Mat Weight - 0.45kg
  • Good for Rooftop or Terrace Gardens and balconies
  • 2cm height for good air circulation
  • You Can Put a Pot And Grow Bags Over It
  • Hi-Impact Polypropylene
  • Excellent resistance to algae and mold
  • Excellent resistance to acids, alkalies, and mineral oil
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Drainage Mat For Terrace Garden 50x30x2 cm (10 Nos)

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review for our Drainage Mat for Terrace Garden. We are happy to hear that you purchased our product and found it to be of good quality. We appreciate your support and hope it helps with your terrace garden. Thank you again for your feedback. Have a great day!

Team Organic Bazar

Kaustubh Chavan

Drainage Mat For Terrace Garden 50x30x2 cm (10 Nos)

Hi there! Thank you so much for leaving a review for our Drainage Mat for Terrace Garden. We are glad to hear that you purchased 10 pieces and we hope they are working well for your terrace garden. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Happy gardening!

Team Organic Bazar

The following is my feedback/review on the drain mat for Terrace Garden 50x30x2 cm (10 Nos) purch...

1) Functionality: The drain mat does its job for which it’s designed. Hopefully it will last for at least 4 years. Time will tell.
2) Packing: Very good packing with no damage
3) Delivery time: Received the item within 3 working days which is very good considering that the distance covered is approximately 1200 kms by road transport.
1) Minimum ordering quantity: We need to order a minimum quantity of 10 nos. which might be a challenge if we are ordering this item for the very first time & in case if we don’t have previous experience of using this product even from other suppliers. However, some suppliers do give the option of ordering even 1 no. drain mat. Of course, courier charges will be an issue, but at least the customer is given an option to decide & most sensible customers will order other items along with 1 no. drain mat so as to qualify for free delivery.
2) Price: The total price is ₹ 1200.00 for a pack of 10 nos. (i.e.) ₹ 120.00 for a single drain mat. When checked online with other suppliers, the price is ₹ 600.00 for a pack of 10 nos. (i.e.) ₹ 60.00 for a single drain mat. 50 % less compared to Organic Bazar. Of course, the quality may vary, but I don’t think the ₹ 60.00 drain mat will be of such low quality. Why Organic Bazar charges such as high premium is beyond my understanding. Please also note that this specific item is directly dispatched from a third-party supplier based in Ambernath in Maharashtra to the retail buyers. There is very less value addition from Organic Bazar as such since this item never even reaches Organic Bazar.
3) Quality: a) Interlocking aspect: The mat is supposed to have a provision for interlocking with other mats both in longitudinal direction (50 cm length side) & width direction (30 cm length side). But the quality of the interlocking module is so bad that interlocking was not possible even in a single mat in any direction.
b) Workmanship/finish aspect: Some amount of excess plastic is found in most places. Look wise it gives an impression of a cheap/low quality product.
Conclusion: There is lot of scope for buyers of this particular item to look elsewhere considering the above cons.

Thank you for your detailed feedback on our Drainage Mat for Terrace Garden. We appreciate your positive comments on its functionality and packaging. Regarding the cons you mentioned, we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Our minimum ordering quantity is set to ensure the best shipping rates for our customers, but we will definitely take your suggestion into consideration. As for the price, we strive to offer competitive prices while also ensuring the highest quality for our products. We will look into the price difference with other suppliers and make necessary adjustments. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will also address the issue with the interlocking aspect and ensure better quality for future batches. Thank you for your support and we hope to continue serving you with the best products and services.

Team Oragnic bazar

Rekha devi

Drainage Mat For Terrace Garden 50x30x2 cm (10 Nos)

Dear valued customer, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Drainage Mat for Terrace Garden. We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with your purchase of 10 pieces measuring 50x30x2 cm. We hope it has helped improve the drainage in your terrace garden. Thank you for choosing our product. Have a great day!

Shiv bhakt

Your Quality is very nice and quite affordable The price just felt a little bit expensive 🫰 on some items