Cocopeat Brick 10 Kg Block for Gardening (2)
cocopeat 1kg for gardening
Cocopeat Brick 10 Kg for gardening

Cocopeat Brick 10 kg Block for Gardening

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Product description

Cocopeat is an environment-friendly soil amendment made of compressed coconut husks. It is also known as Coir Dust, Coir Pith, and Coco Coir. It has a high water-absorbing capacity, is very lightweight, and helps plant roots to expand by maintaining good drainage and airflow. Because of these characteristics, coco coir brick is used in home gardening to prepare seedlings from seed, to make the soilless potting mix, and to mix it into the soil to prevent it from hardening.

Cocopeat Brick is a natural, environmentally friendly product that has many uses in gardening. This Coco Coir 10 kg Block provides a suitable growing medium for germinating seeds and roots to grow with good water absorption capacity and aeration for young roots.

Transform your gardening experience with our premium Cocopeat Bricks, a game-changer for enthusiasts and professional gardeners. Here’s why our Cocopeat is the top choice for your gardening needs:

  • Compact Yet Mighty: Cocopeat brick weighs between 9 to 10 kg, unfurling into a voluminous 5 times its original size in cocopeat powder, making it both efficient and economical.
  • Exceptional Moisture Retention: Designed to hold and gradually release water, ensuring your plants receive nutrients over an extended period. This attribute significantly boosts plant growth by maintaining an ideal moisture balance.
  • Superior Water Holding Capacity: Our Cocopeat can retain water at an impressive rate, reducing the need for frequent watering and ensuring your plants stay hydrated.
  • Fungal-Free Formula: With a composition that naturally resists fungal growth, our Cocopeat ensures your seeds germinate more effectively, providing a healthy start for your plants.
  • Perfect Growing Medium: It’s the ideal choice for crafting the optimal growing environment for your plants, promoting robust root development without the risk of root diseases.
  • Versatile Applications: Whether you're cultivating a kitchen garden, embracing terrace gardening, or engaged in horticulture, agriculture, nursery, or greenhouse projects, our Cocopeat bricks offer unmatched versatility and performance.

    How to use

    Please watch the video by clicking on the link given below for better use of Cocopeat.

    Choose our Cocopeat Bricks for a sustainable, efficient, and thriving gardening journey. Embrace the future of gardening today with a product that caters to all your needs, from moisture management to disease prevention.

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    Sureshbhai Makvana

    Very good product, Quality is Nice

    Shafi Uzzaman
    Good one

    Not a bad experience with that product and hoping for good result

    Ankit Baliyan

    Price is very high

    Parvaiz Kakroo
    coco peat

    not much impressive results so far

    Tanweer khan
    Value for Money

    Abs wonderful product & helps the soil quality. Also after soaking it in water the quantity turned out huge. Enjoying this superb product. The plants seem to growing very well and healthy.

    That's fantastic to hear! It sounds like the Cocopeat Brick is a hit in your gardening endeavors. Getting a good quantity after soaking it must have been a pleasant surprise.