Chamomile German Seeds
Chamomile German Seeds
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Chamomile German Seeds (कैमोमाइल के बीज)

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German chamomile is an annual herb-flowering plant that has tons of health benefits and is widely popular for making tea, most people buy dried chamomile in tea bags from markets. Chamomile flowers are small with white petals and a yellow center and resemble a small daisy flower and have a sweet, fragrant flavor. Chamomile leaves are also highly aromatic; The beautiful flowers and leaves both have beneficial uses, and also add wonderful color to the herb garden, terrace garden, and kitchen garden. Buy the Best Quality Chamomile German Seeds Online at the best price in India from with a good germination rate. 

About this item

  • Number of Chamomile Seeds: 1000 Seeds
  • Where to grow: Balcony or terrace garden
  • Sowing season: Winter Season
  • Mode of sowing: Sow the seeds 0.5 cm deep in a Container, or Pots.
  • Germination temperature: 21°C
  • Germination Time: 7 to 14 days from sowing
  • Harvest: 70 days from planting

What size grow bag is best for Chamomile?

Chamomile German Growing Season In India 

German chamomile prefers warm climates to grow rapidly, but very hot climates tend to bolt the plants, so chamomile seeds should be sown in spring or fall and late summer is also the best time to grow.

How To Grow German Chamomile In Pots  

Sow the Chamomile seeds directly in pots or grow bags, you can also start them in a seedling tray and then transplant them after the seeds germinate. Select pots or grow bags that are at least 30-45 cm (wide and deep) and have well-draining holes. The ideal temperature for germination of chamomile seeds is 21°C. 

Chamomile German Seeds sowing method 

Take a pot or grow bag, fill it with a sowing medium scatter the seeds, and press them gently onto the soil, and do not cover the seeds with soil. Water deeply, keep the soil moist, and place the pot in a sunny area indoors or outdoors. Chamomile German seeds germinate for about 7-14 days (depending on growing conditions).

Fertilizer For Chamomile Plants 

  • Chamomile plants do not require any fertilizer, they grow well without fertilizer. 
  • Do not use any nitrogen-rich fertilizer as this encourages the growth of leaves and fewer blooms.

Chamomile Plants Care Tips 

Soil - Use well-drained and organic soil for planting chamomile plants. 
Water - In the first phase, add 2.5 cm of water per week; since chamomile is drought tolerant, it should be given moderate watering in its mature stages.
Sunlight - Chamomile thrives in full sun; however, it also grows in partial sun.  
Temperature - Chamomile thrives in summer temperatures up to 37°C; the moderate growing temperature for chamomile is 15-20°C
Common pests and diseases - Aphids, and thrips are some pests that attack the chamomile plants. Brown spots infected the chamomile plants. To get rid of this problem, it would be right to spray neem oil on the chamomile plant from time to time.

Chamomile Harvesting Time 

  • Chamomile flower reaching full bloom about 10 weeks from planting. 
  • Harvest the chamomile flowers when they are fully opened. 
  • You can cut the leaves whenever needed.
  • Cut the flowers regularly to encourage more blossom; you can use flowers fresh or dried. 

Chamomile Special Features 

  • Common name - Chamomile, german chamomile, roman chamomile, barnyard daisy 
  • Scientific name - Matricaria recutita, Matricaria chamomilla
  • level of growing - Easy
  • Blooming time - Spring and summer.
  • Flowers color - White petals and yellow center


Is chamomile easy to grow?

Chamomile is very easy to grow, it doesn't require deadheading or fertilizer. 

Does chamomile come back every year?

Chamomile is a perennial herbaceous flower that dies back after flowering.

What is the best way to grow chamomile?

It is best to grow chamomile plants from seeds in the spring season and should not be planted in extremely high temperatures otherwise, they will start to bolt. 

Are chamomile leaves edible? 

Both the leaves and the flowers are safe to eat and are very beneficial for us.

Does chamomile bloom all summer?

Chamomile blooms throughout the summer, especially if you harvest regularly.

Why are my chamomile seeds not germinating?

German chamomile seeds will not germinate because of improper growing conditions like not getting enough sunlight, sowing seeds too deep in the soil, overwatering, or under watering.
Note: Images are for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.

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Monika Bawa
Chamomile plant

Too good seeds germinate in less then two days in the mixture of vermicompost and coco peat

Thank you for sharing your experience with our Chamomile German Seeds. We are delighted to hear that the seeds germinated in less than two days when planted in a mixture of vermicompost and coco peat. Your positive feedback is truly appreciated, and we're thrilled to contribute to your gardening success.

Abhishek Gharat
Great seeds, they do germinate!

Nearly 90% of all Chamomile seeds germinate. Remember to be generous while putting seeds into the soil. Seeds that are separately planted in small numbers will germinate, but they will die soon.

Thank you for your positive review! We're glad to hear that our Chamomile German Seeds have been successful for you. Thank you for the helpful tip about planting generously, we'll make sure to pass it along to our customers. Happy gardening!

Team Organic Bazar

Deekshita Mudusu
Did not germinated

I purchased 6 type of seeds but only ashwagandha germinated another all 5 got waste

omkar salke
Very nice germination rate

Great germination rates seeds are of very good quality . Very nice

Harmandeep Singh
Blooming Marvels: My Experience with German Chamomile Seeds

I embarked on my gardening journey with a packet of German Chamomile seeds, filled with anticipation and curiosity. The goal was not just to cultivate plants but to immerse myself in the serene art of gardening, hoping to brew my own chamomile tea eventually.I was particularly impressed by the germination rate, which was noticeably high. The seedlings emerged strong and healthy, setting the stage for robust growth.Not only have I been rewarded with beautiful blooms, but the process has also been a soothing and educational experience. I highly recommend German Chamomile seeds to anyone looking to add this lovely and beneficial plant to their garden.