4 Different Color Capsicum Hybrid Seeds Packet
seed sowing instructions in hindi
seed sowing instructions in hindi

4 Different Color Capsicum Hybrid Seeds Packet

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Despite being a single species, Capsicum has many forms with various luscious colors like red, yellow, purple, and green! Buy best quality 4 different colored capsicum hybrid seeds packet bundle online. Capsicum or Bell peppers are one of the most popular vegetables grown in the home garden. hybrid capsicum seeds online with lowest price.

About this item 

  • Purple Capsicum Hybrid - 1 Packet of 10 Seeds
  • Yellow Capsicum Hybrid - 1 Packet of 20 Seeds
  • Green Capsicum Hybrid - 1 Packet of 30 Seeds
  • Red Capsicum Hybrid - 1 Packet of 10 Seeds
What size grow bag is best for Capsicum?


Green capsicum is also known as bell paper which is used in vegetables as a flavoring agents and it has red and yellow color variants. The vegetable is also famous for its medicinal value treatment of indigestion and also helpful for diabetes. Green Capsicum is a genus of flowering plants in the nightshade family Solanaceae. Capsicum has essential nutrients and Vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin C in good amounts also it provides a healthy dosage of proteins and plant fats. We are giving you the best quality of seed that you can easily grow in your kitchen garden or terrace garden.
Seeds Sowing Instructions

Instructions To Grow Capsicum Plant From Seeds

  • Best season to grow capsicum – Capsicum will germinate all seasons but it grows very well in the winter season.
  • Seed germinating days – Capsicum takes about 3 weeks to germinate.
  • Soil for capsicum – You can use dry, fertile soil for capsicum and must choose moist soil during germination periods because it increases the growing speed of capsicum.
  • Sunlight for capsicum plants – Capsicum needs direct sunlight for better growth.
  • Best container for capsicum – Capsicum’s root takes more space to grow that’s why it needs a deep round container.
  • Ideal temperature – Capsicum requires 15-to-25-degree Celsius temperature.
  • Fertilizer for capsicum – Capsicum needs organic fertilizer and compost mix; you can also use potting mix instead of compost and fertilizer.
  • Water – On summer days it needs regular water and during winter or rainy season give water once in 2-3 days.
  • Sunlight – Capsicum requires at least 4-5 hours of direct sunlight in a day.
  • Harvesting time – Capsicum takes about 60 days to harvest. You can pluck capsicum carefully by hand or with any pruning scissors.
  • Pests and common diseases in capsicum – Pests and common diseases like root decay, whitefly, bacterial wilt, and many more. To avoid these pests or free your capsicum plants from disease you can use `Neem oil’.
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4 Different Color Capsicum Hybrid Seeds Packet

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