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Alpine Strawberries
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Alpine Strawberries Seeds (अल्पाइन स्ट्रॉबेरी के बीज)

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Alpine strawberries grow both insides on your windowsill and on an open terrace. This sour and sweet flavored strawberry also has many health benefits. Strawberries are a good natural source of antioxidants, vitamin C, protein, and minerals. Buy the Best quality alpine strawberry Seeds Online at the best price in India from with a good germination rate.
Forget buying strawberries, learn how to grow them at home in easy steps. Here we are telling some tips on growing strawberries at home. If you also want to plant strawberry plants at home, then learn the easy way to grow them in a pot at home.

About this item

  • Number of alpine strawberries seeds: 100 Seeds
  • Where to grow: Balcony or terrace garden
  • Growing season: Winter Season
  • Sowing method: Seedling transplant
  • Germination temperature: 18-25°C
  • Germination Time: 14 to 40 days
  • Harvesting time: 4-5 months after transplant

What Size Grow Bag is Best for Alpine Strawberries?

Alpine Strawberries Plant Growing Season In India

Alpine strawberries (Fragaria vesca) are a type of strawberry that can be grown in India. The best time to plant alpine strawberry seeds in India depends on the region and climate, but they generally prefer cool to mild temperatures.

  • North India: Late September to early November.
  • South India: October to December.

How To Grow Alpine Strawberries In Pots

Generally, strawberry seeds are sown in a seedling tray and then transplant after the seeds germinated. The best soil temperature for germinating alpine strawberry seeds is between 18-25℃.

Alpine Strawberries Seeds Sowing Method

Take a seedling tray or small pot, fill it with coco peat medium, and spread the alpine strawberry seeds over it, then cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil. Give light water or sprinkle some water with a water sprayer. Do not sow the seeds too deeply as strawberry seeds are very small in size. Keep the seedling in a sunny place until the seed germinates. Strawberry seeds are hard to germinate and will take 14 to 40 days to germinate (not all seeds will germinate at once, so be patient) wait for it to germinate.
After germination of strawberry seeds, when seedlings are 4-6 inches in height at that time transplant them into individual pots and plant only 1-2 saplings per pot.

When to Fertilize Alpine Strawberries Plants

Add top dressing compost to your alpine strawberry plant every spring or you can fertilize your strawberry plants with organic compost (cow manure, vermicompost, or neem cake) during the growing season or before the plant starts flowering.

When to Watering Alpine Strawberry Plants

  • Watering is necessary immediately after planting strawberries. After that, when the 1-inch soil above the pot looks dry, then water it again.
  • In general, long periods of hot, dry climates may require watering the alpine strawberry plant daily, and as the plants grow and develop roots, they will need more frequent watering.
  • It is to be noted that while watering it is essential that the plant is healthy and free from disease/mold. So do not wet the leaves.

Alpine Strawberry Plants Care Tips

Soil – Soil with good drainage loam soil that is full of organic matter is beneficial for growing strawberries.
Sunlight – Strawberries grow best in full sun however they tolerate partial shade and even a little sun. Give at least 4-6 hours of sunlight but avoid extreme sunlight that can burn leaves, so be careful.
Temperature – Strawberry plants grow quickly in temperatures between 15-26℃.
Common pests and diseases - Aphids, spider mites, and strawberry root weevils are the common pests found in strawberry plants, and some diseases which infected the alpine strawberries plant are anthracnose, leather rot, and angular leaf spot. Use neem oil to avoid these insects and pests.
Mulch – To avoid weeds, soil pollution, and other side effects, mulching should be done around the strawberry plant for a good harvest. Mulching is necessary after the strawberry plants have flowered or you can mulch your strawberry plant during winter to protect them from cold weather.

How to Harvest Alpine Strawberries

  • Harvest strawberries within 4 to 5 months after transplant.
  • Most strawberry plant flowers produce fruits three times during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.
  • Cut ripe strawberries when they are completely red.
  • Harvest strawberry fruits regularly to produce more fruit.

Alpine Strawberry Special Features

  • Common name – Alpine strawberry, wild strawberry, woodland strawberry
  • Scientific name - Fragaria vesca
  • Plant height – 6 to 12 inches
  • Flower color – White


Why are my strawberries tasteless?

Strawberries are tasteless or less sweet when grown in wet weather or the plant receives too much water. The extra water dilutes the sugars in the strawberry fruit.

Why my strawberries are dying?

The reason for dying strawberry plants is because of nutrient deficiency in the soil, overwatering, and under-watering.
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