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Agnihotra Dhoop Dani (गोबर से निर्मित अग्निहोत्र धूप दानी)

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Immerse yourself in the authentic tradition of India with Pure Cow Dung Agnihotra Dhoop Dani. These meticulously handcrafted fuel sources, made by village women, carry the essence of ancient rituals and are traditionally used in domestic hearths called Chulhas. The by-products of animal husbandry are transformed into completely dried, moisture-free cow dung cakes that burn efficiently, providing the perfect fuel for your sacred hawan, pujan, puja, and other religious activities. 

Purify the Atmosphere and Repel Insects

When burned, these cow dung Agnihotra Dhoop Dani release fragrant smoke that elevates the ambiance of your rituals and acts as a natural repellent, keeping bugs and insects at bay. Experience a serene and bug-free environment as you engage in your spiritual practices.

Genuine and Eco-friendly Choice

Choose 100% pure and original cow dung Agnihotra Dhoop Dani for your daily hawan, puja, and religious activities. Each Dhoop Dani cake is meticulously crafted with devotion and care, ensuring its authenticity and effectiveness. Made by hand by village women, these cow dung cakes embody the essence of tradition and empower local communities. You honor ancient practices and contribute to sustainable and responsible choices by opting for these genuine and eco-friendly fuel sources.

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Anju Patel


Thank you for your review of our Agnihotra Dhoop Dani (गोबर से निर्मित अग्निहोत्र धूप दानी). We appreciate your feedback, and we're glad to hear that you found it to be 'nice.'