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45 Variety of Vegetable Seeds kit With High Germination Rate

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Buy 45 Varieties of Vegetable Seeds kit Online at the best price from www.organicbazar.net With High Germination rate. If you want to grow a variety of vegetables in your home garden or terrace garden, this combo pack is perfect. You can buy the best 45 Vegetable Seeds at a low price. This Set of 45 Vegetable Seeds kit is designed for home gardening and terrace or kitchen gardens. You can easily grow these 45 different vegetable seeds with little Maintenance and harvest fresh vegetables in your garden.

45 Different Vegetable Seed Combo Pack for Gardeners

Here are the 45 Best Variety of Vegetable Seeds
  1. Ash Gourd Hybrid Seeds: 04 Seeds
  2. Beetroot Hybrid Seeds: 50 Seeds
  3. Bitter Gourd Long Hybrid Seeds: 05 Seeds
  4. Bottle Gourd Long Hybrid Seeds: 05 Seeds
  5. Brinjal Black Hybrid Seeds: 10 Seeds
  6. Brinjal Green Hybrid Seeds: 10 Seeds
  7. Broccoli Hybrid Seeds: 25 Seeds
  8. Brussels Sprouts Seeds: 25 Seeds
  9. Cabbage Red Hybrid Seeds: 25 Seeds
  10. Cabbage Green Hybrid Seeds: 25 Seeds
  11. Capsicum Green Hybrid Seeds: 10 Seeds
  12. Carrot Orange Hybrid Seeds: 100 Seeds
  13. Carrot Red Hybrid Seeds: 100 Seeds
  14. Cauliflower Hybrid Seeds: 25 Seeds
  15. Chaulai Green Amaranth Seeds: 1000 Seeds
  16. Cherry Tomato Hybrid Seeds: 20 Seeds
  17. Chilli Hybrid Seeds: 20 Seeds
  18. Coriander Seeds - 200 Seeds
  19. Cowpea (Lobia Beans) Seeds: 10 Seeds
  20. Cucumber Seeds: 06 Seeds
  21. Fenugreek Seeds: 200 Seeds
  22. French Beans Hybrid Seeds: 06 Seeds
  23. Kale Hybrid Seeds: 25 Seeds
  24. Lettuce Iceberg Seeds: 50 Seeds
  25. Knol Khol Hybrid Seeds: 25 Seeds
  26. Muskmelon Hybrid Seeds: 04 Seeds
  27. Mustard Seeds: 100 Seeds
  28. Okra or Lady Finger Seeds: 20 Seeds
  29. Parsley Seeds: 50 Seeds
  30. Peas Seeds: 20 Seeds
  31. Pumpkin Hybrid Seeds: 04 Seeds
  32. Radish White Long Hybrid Seeds: 50 Seeds
  33. Red amaranth Seeds: 1000 Seeds
  34. Red onion Hybrid Seeds: 200 Seeds
  35. Red Round Radish Hybrid Seeds: 50 Seeds
  36. Ridge gourd Hybrid Seeds: 05 Seeds
  37. Sem Phali/Lima Beans Seeds: 05 Seeds
  38. Zucchini Yellow Seeds : 05 Seeds
  39. Spinach Hybrid Seeds: 200 Seeds
  40. Sponge Gourd Hybrid Seeds: 05 Seeds
  41. Summer Squash Hybrid Seeds: 04 Seeds
  42. Tinda Seeds: 10 Seeds
  43. Tomato Hybrid Seeds: 20 Seeds
  44. Turnip Seeds: 50 Seeds
  45. Watermelon Hybrid Seeds: 04 Seeds

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Quality Seeds

I have bought this for the first time. Its quality is very good and germination is very good. I love this product.

Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with our seeds. We are thrilled to hear that you found the quality of our product to be excellent, and the germination rate exceeded your expectations. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're delighted that you love our product.

Quality Seeds

I have bought this for the first time. Its quality is very good and germination is very good. I love this product.

Thank you for your positive feedback! We're delighted to hear that you find our product to be of excellent quality.

Goldy Singh
Good seeds

I have purchased the best seeds from organicbazar.net with the best germination rate

That's great to hear, Goldy Singh! We're delighted that you're satisfied with the seeds you purchased from organicbazar.net and that they have a high germination rate.

Warisdeep singh

Premium Quality 45 Variety of Vegetable Seeds kit With High Germination Rate

Thank you for your review. We're pleased to hear that you are satisfied with our Premium Quality Vegetable Seeds Kit with a high germination rate. Enjoy your gardening!

Amit Gautam
Review of Premium Quality 45 Variety of Vegetable Seeds kit

I don't thing it is useful kit for any kind of person weather he is small Gardner or little big Gardner because majority of seeds in this kit are useless nobody kitchen Gardner grow 45 type of vegetable and which vegetables are most common or important for everybody they provide very very less seed in this kit like LOKI, TORI, KRELA, FRANCH BEENS etc. they provide ONLY 5 seeds. and like TOMATO, BRINJAL, CHILLI etc. they provide only 20 seeds. and then some new Gardner may face very bad Germination problem. if any body purchasing this kit then PLEASE STOP and buy only those particular vegetable seed which you want to grow in your garden and buy attest 2 packet of each vegetable because in a single packet of vegetable seed also very less quantity of seed

Dear Customer,

Thank you for sharing your feedback on our Premium Quality 45 Variety of Vegetable Seeds kit. We appreciate your input and take your comments seriously.

We understand your concerns about the quantity of seeds for certain vegetables in the kit. We aim to provide a wide variety of seeds to cater to different gardening interests, but we also value your feedback. We recommend that gardeners buy individual seed packets for the specific vegetables they want to grow to ensure they have the desired quantity.

To address any germination issues, we recommend watching our germination and seeding care video for essential tips to improve the germination rate. https://youtu.be/Jj6HNnTynAo
Seedling care tips-- https://youtu.be/IuPe2QebdiE Your satisfaction is important to us, and we're here to help.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. We value your feedback and aim to serve you better in the future.

Best regards,
Team o