40 Variety of Flowers Seeds kit
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40 Variety of Flowers Seeds kit With High Germination Rate

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Buy 40 Varieties of Flowers Seed kits Online at the best price from www.organicbazar.net With High Germination rate. If you want to grow a variety of Flowers in your home garden or terrace garden, this combo pack is perfect for you. You can buy the best 40 colorful flower seeds at a low price. This Set of 40 Flowers Seeds kit is specially designed for home gardening and terrace or kitchen gardens. You can easily grow these 40 different flower seeds with little Maintenance and Add Colors to your Garden. They bloom in a wide range of colors, making your garden a delightful sight!

40 Different Flowers Seed Combo Pack for Gardener

Here are the 40 Best Variety of Flowers Seeds  
  1. Alyssum White Seeds: 50 Seeds
  2. Amaranthus Mixed Seeds: 50 Seeds
  3. Antirrhinum Mix Seeds: 100 Seeds
  4. Balsam Bush Seeds: 25 Seeds
  5. Calendula Seeds: 25 Seeds
  6. California Poppy Mix Seeds: 50 Seeds
  7. Carnation Mix Seeds: 25 Seeds
  8. Celosia Cockscomb Dwarf Mix: 50 Seeds
  9. China Aster White Seeds: 25 Seeds
  10. Chrysanthemum Paludosam White Seeds: 50 Seeds
  11. Cornflower Seeds: 50 Seeds
  12. Cosmos Mix Seeds: 25 Seeds
  13. Dahlia Mix Seeds: 25 Seeds
  14. Daisy Double Mix Seeds: 100 Seeds
  15. Dianthus Baby Doll Mix Seeds: 50 Seeds
  16. Dimorphoteca Glistening White Seeds: 20 Seeds
  17. French Marigold Seeds: 30 Seeds
  18. Gaillardia Seeds : 50 Seeds
  19. Gazania Seeds: 25 Seeds
  20. Gomphrena Choice Mixed Seeds: 50 Seeds
  21. Gypsophila White Seeds: 50 Seeds
  22. Hollyhocks Double Dwarf Seeds: 25 Seeds
  23. Indian Shirley Poppy Mix Seeds: 100 Seeds
  24. Ipomea Morning Glory Purpurea Mix Seeds: 15 Seeds
  25. Lupin Hartwegii Giant Flowered Tall Mix Seeds : 25 Seeds
  26. Marigold Orange Seeds : 30 Seeds
  27. Marigold Yellow Seeds: 30 Seeds
  28. Nasturtium Seeds : 10 Seeds
  29. Ornamental Kale Fringed Leaves Mix Seeds : 30 Seeds
  30. Osteospermum Ecklonis Mix Seeds: 20 Seeds
  31. Petunia Dwarf Stars Mix Seeds: 100 Seeds
  32. Phlox Beauty Dwarf Mix: 50 Seeds
  33. Portulaca Grandiflora Double Mix: 100 Seeds
  34. Stock Double Dwarf Mix Seeds: 25 Seeds
  35. Sunflower Seeds:10 Seeds
  36. Sweet Sultan Seeds: 50 Seeds
  37. Venedium Seeds: 50 Seeds
  38. Vinca Seeds: 10 Seeds
  39. Verbena Seeds: 50 Seeds
  40. Zinnia Seeds: 25 Seeds

What size grow bag is best for Flowers?

Bring vibrant blooms to your home garden with our 40 Variety of Flowers Seeds kit. Inside you’ll find a variety of annual and perennial flower seeds, including Aster, daisy, marigolds, zinnia, and Vinca. With planting instructions, this kit makes it easy to start creating your beautiful flower garden. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or new to home gardening, this kit is perfect for adding color and life to your outdoor spaces.

Note: Images are for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.

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Samuthiri .

40 Variety of Flowers Seeds kit With High Germination Rate

Bhaskar Joshi

Not proper seed grow. poor auality and quantity

Tapes Dhar
Very good

Seeds germinated very well.. Thank you

Vinayak Sharma

Nice experience.....pls purchase from organic bazaar for betterr germination

Bilal Lone