Cineraria Maritima Silver Dust Seeds
seed sowing instructions in hindi
seed sowing instructions in hindi
Cineraria Maritima Silver Dust

Cineraria Maritima Silver Dust Seeds

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Product description
Cineraria silver dust is a tender perennial plant that sometimes survives in cold winters otherwise they are an annual. Silver dust cineraria are not known for being flowering plants, but are popular for their silver, gray, and white velvety foliage, in fact, some gardeners trim the yellow flowers to encourage the growth of foliage (leaves). Silver dust produces 1-3 inches of yellow flowers that usually appear in the second growing season. Cineraria maritima silver dust can grow from seeds or cutting but growing from seeds are best. To plant silver dust buy the best quality Cineraria Maritima Silver Dust Seeds Online at the best price from and add colors to your garden. 

Product Detail

  • Seed quantity: 50 Seeds
  • Where to grow: Balcony or garden
  • Best Sowing Season: Spring (February to March)
  • Sowing method: Seedling transplant
  • Germination temperature: 18-21°C
  • Germination time: 7 to 10 days
  • Blooming time: Summer (April-June)

What size grow bag is best for Cineraria?

Cineraria Silver Dust Growing Season In India 

Silver dust cineraria grow best in hot and sunny weather. You can sow silver dust seeds in Spring (February-March) when the climates are warm. 

How To Grow Silver Dust In Pots

The seedling transplant method is mostly recommended for planting silver dust cineraria. Do not plant silver dust in a dark spot, otherwise, the seeds will not germinate well. The optimum germination temperature for silver dust seeds is 18-21°C. To plant cineraria in containers, you'll need a pot or grow bag 9-15 inches wide and at least 9 inches deep.

Cineraria Maritima Silver Dust Seeds Sowing Method 

Take a seedling tray and fill it with a potting mix, you can also make your potting mix by mixing 20% cocopeat, 30% vermicompost, 30% normal soil, and 20% sand/perlite. Sprinkle the silver dust seeds on the soil and cover the seeds with a thin layer, then press the soil with your hand. Place the seedling tray in a sunny spot or in partial shade. Water the soil gently through a small watering can and keep them moist until germination; Cineraria silver dust seeds can germinate in about 7-10 days.
After seed germination when silver dust seedlings have a few true leaves, you can transplant them into pots/grow bags. Plant only 1 or 2 silver seedlings in each 9-12 inches pot or maintain 8 inches distance between plants. Keep the soil moist and place the pot in partial sunlight for a few days after transplanting to protect the seedling from transplant shock. After 3 days, keep the pot in full sunlight.

Fertilizer Requirement For Cineraria Silver Dust

Silver dust is a light feeder plant and requires fertilizer when planted in poor soil. You can add organic matter such as manure or leaf mold to improve poor soil.

Cineraria Silver Dust Plants Care Tips 

Soil - Use well-drained, rich, and moist soil for planting Cineraria silver dust. 
Water - Silver Dust is a great drought-tolerant once established and does not like soggy conditions. One inch of water per week is enough for this.
Sunlight - Silver Dust grows best in full sunlight, it usually becomes leggy and produces less foliage if grown in shade. 
Temperature - Silver Dust grows best in temperatures between 10-26°C. If night temperatures are below -1°C, silver may die.
Pests and diseases - Silver dust plants are generally pests and diseases free but occasionally you may notice that slugs stunt their growth. You can use neem oil on the plant to eliminate them. 

Silver Dust Bloom Time 

  • As I mentioned earlier, Silver dust cineraria are not popular for their flowers but for their attractive foliage.
  • They usually bloom in summer (April-June) or sometimes in fall and spring.
  • But they do not bloom in the first growing season, but silver dust flowers in the second growing season.
  • Silver dust plants are toxic to humans, dogs, and cats.

Silver Dust Cineraria Maritima Special Features 

  • Common name - Senecio, Senecio cineraria 'Silver Dust', dusty miller, silver ragwort, silver dust
  • Scientific name - Jacobaea Maritima 
  • Height - 1 to 2 feet
  • Flower color - Yellow or gold
  • Leaf color - Silver, Grey, or White 
  • Companion planting - Zinnia, Petunia, Salvia, Pentas
  • Level of growing - Moderate 


Why is my silver dust dying?

The main reason why cineraria plants die is excessive water in the soil, if you are facing this problem then do not overwater and use soil with good drainage.
Note: Images are for reference purposes only. Actual products may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.
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