Cauliflower Green Verde Seeds
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Cauliflower Green Verde Seeds

Cauliflower Green Verde Seeds (Hari Phool Gobhi/हरी फूलगोभी के बीज)

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Product description
This variety of cauliflower is green in color and has a soft head surrounded by green leaves. The heads and stems of Green Verde Cauliflower are fully edible; they can be added to soups, salads, or cooked as a vegetable, it tastes good. Cauliflower is also known as Phool gobhi, which contains a good amount of nutrition. Buy the Best quality Cauliflower Green Verde Seeds Online at the best price in India from with a high germination rate.

About this item

  • Number of Cauliflower (Verde Green) Seeds: 100 Seeds 
  • Growing season: Winter to Spring
  • Sowing method: Direct or Seedling Transplant
  • Seeds sowing depth: 0.5 inches deep
  • Germination Time: 7-14 days from sowing
  • Germination temperature: 15-25 °C
  • Harvesting: 90 to 120 days from sowing

What size grow bag is best for Cauliflower?

Green Verde Cauliflower Growing Season In India

Green Cauliflower is a cold-loving vegetable; sow cauliflower seeds from winter to early spring so they can grow and produce their flower heads before hot summer temperatures arrive. The best month for growing cauliflower is September to February.

How To Grow Cauliflower Green Verde In A Container 

Cauliflower is a cool-season vegetable that is planted directly in a pot/grow bag but can also be started in a seedling tray and then transplanted. The optimum cauliflower green seeds germination temperature is 15-25 °C.
Sow Cauliflower Green Verde Seeds in a pot with a potting mix about 0.5 inches deep in the soil and 6-8 inches apart from each seed. Place the seedling tray indoors in an area with indirect light; cauliflower green seed germination time is 7-14 days; keep the soil moist. If you have sown seeds in a seedling method or in a small pot, transplant the seedling within 21 to 25 days (plant the sapling along with its root balls and do not damage the root system).

Best Fertilizer For Green Cauliflower 

For better results for cauliflower plants, side dresses the plant with nitrogen fertilizer and feed for 2-4 weeks with any organic fertilizer like Neem cake, cow manure, or vermicompost.

Green Verde Cauliflower Plant Care Tips

Soil – For better growth of plants use well-drained, fertile soil high in organic matter.
Sunlight – Cauliflower needs at least 6 hours of full sunlight also it can tolerate partial shade but will slow maturity.
Temperature – Ideal growing temperature for cauliflower plants is 15-30°C.
Water – Cauliflower does not require much water; it needs only 1-2 inches of water in a week.
Common pests – Usually pests like cabbageworm, cabbage root maggot, and aphids are found in cauliflower plants. The cauliflower plant is infected by some diseases like a white spot or leaf spot, clubroot, blackleg, etc; treat your plant immediately with organic pesticides such as neem oil.

How to Harvest Cauliflower Green Verde

Sowing green cauliflower from seed will take about 90 to 120 days to harvest.

Green Verde Cauliflower Special Features

  • Common name – Gobhi (in Hindi)
  • Scientific name - Brassica oleracea var. botrytis
  • Flower color - Green
  • Growing level - Moderate
  • Edible part – Flower


Why did my cauliflower not make a head?

Imbalance in the soil may be the cause of not making a head; give the best and right soil to your cauliflower plants.

Why is my cauliflower dying?

The plant may be dying because it is infected by pests. Check your plants weekly if there are any pests you noticed then spray Neem oil.
Note: Images are for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.
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Harshwardhan Saini
Seeds review

I ordered the seed from this site,it is good quality and I am satisfied with it


Good quality seeds. All the seeds are germinated within three days.


Good qality seeds.. All seeds are germinated within three days.